Inner Sense

inner sense

Inner Sense is our trusted partner for the Organic Lingerie range of products. This is available in-store and online for purchase. They are the first healthy organic lingerie brand in India and we are the first and only store in Kerala to stock them exclusively.

We are proud to say that there is 100% organically grown cotton in every Inner Sense product. Their products are manufactured with organic materials like organically grown cotton or bamboo. Organic cotton is nurtured without the use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms that are harmful to the workers/farmers, make the soil and surrounding areas toxic and also harm the wearer.

Lingerie made of organic cotton has a low chemical and no toxic presence which makes it better suited for the body.

Inner Sense team are immensely proud of their products and comments: “In a world where everyone wants access to organically prepared items in a bid for healthier living, eating and wearing organic is not enough. Introducing organic underwear in your wardrobe is imperative to ensure access to lingerie that is anti-microbial, anti-odour and hygienic,” says the team.


All lingerie under brand Inner Sense is made of the antibacterial bamboo fabric, among the softest available in the market and known for its high absorption capacity. These make the organic fabric ideal for innerwear. These features allow the fabric to absorb sweat from the body, leaving no space for the formation of bacteria or fungus that causes body odour or fungal infections. Being a hypoallergenic fabric makes it ideal for use by people who often battle severe allergic reactions due to chemical residues. 

Other benefits of organic lingerie include

  • higher breathability
  • long-lasting and easy maintenance
  • a step towards being a responsible citizen
  • helps reduce the toxic impact on soil and the environmental cycle
  • avoiding excess proximity to chemicals