Why switch to Organic Lingerie?

Why switch to Organic Lingerie?

Switch To Organic Lingerie

When you think 'organic' what immediately comes to mind is organic food and organic beauty and wellness products. But have you ever thought about 'organic bra' or 'organic underwear'? We all know what organic means or do we? There are lots of other terms associated with this buzzword 'organic': eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, earth friendly etc. But what does organic actually mean and what is an organic innerwear?

If you look at the definition of organic - "Organic describes things that are natural or related to nature. In common usage, organic is used to mean 'healthful' or 'close to nature'. It can also describe foods grown without artificial pesticides or fertilisers. In other uses, it refers to living things or material that comes from living things." - So in our case, organic lingerie or organic innerwear refers to healthy lingerie, made from organic materials that were grown without artificial pesticides or fertilisers. i.e. the products were made using natural products without any chemicals, which is healthier for your skin. For example our partners Inner Sense, produce a range of bra, panties, maternity and kids wear, made from organic cotton and bamboo. A product can be termed if more than 95 percent of it is produced organically – this means no chemical fertilisers to grow crops, animals that are fed organic and with care given to their welfare.

The need for Organic Lingerie

I have spoken to a lot of women in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) and across Kerala, including friends, family members and even some of our regular customers regarding this subject and there is very little awareness of 'organic lingerie' and the existence of such products. Our partners at Inner Sense are extremely passionate about their organic products and explains the need for organic lingerie and why we should consider switching to organic.

They say, "Lingerie is called intimate clothing because it lies closest to our skin and for long duration. Wearing toxic clothing close to the most sensitive parts of our bodies for such long periods is harmful to the body as it could cause health issues in the long run. Why? Because conventional lingerie uses a piece of cloth/clothes that have undergone several chemical-laden processes like bleaching, dying, surface treatment, etc. The chemical residues remain despite having being washed several times.". 

"Lingerie made of organic cotton has a low chemical and no toxic presence which makes it better suited for the body."

We stock a range of organic lingerie products from Inner Sense, whose products are made of organic cotton and antibacterial bamboo fabric. The products include organic bra, organic panties, organic maternity and nursing products and very soon we will be introducing organic kids accessories including diapers & nappies too. These products are among the softest available in the market and known for its high absorption capacity. These features allow the fabric to absorb sweat from the body, leaving no space for the formation of bacteria or fungus that causes body odour or fungal infections. Being a hypoallergenic fabric makes it ideal for use by people who often battle severe allergic reactions due to chemical residues. Visit our store to find out more and to try some of these products; you certainly won't be disappointed! 

You can also browse and purchase our Organic Lingerie collection online here: Buy Organic Lingerie Online.


Benefits of Organic Lingerie

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